What is Nationalism in action?

With a heavy heart, I am trying to pen down some thoughts that often cross my mind. More so after the demise of CDS Bipin Rawat and other Bravehearts.
Just a few days ago, my Instagram (other SM) timeline was full of placement packages of my juniors from IIT Delhi. As IITian(&other top institutes) we are so accustomed to this flavour of the season. This vogue has remained unflinching for long. With the demise of our Bravehearts — my Social Media timeline looked very different. Sad. Angry! It’s also amusing how we switch between situations.
This led me to reflect on what goes into taking big/small decisions in life? Getting into a job just after college is an important inflexion point. There are many such important inflexion points in an individuals life. I remember the days when I was in college and all the facades relating to the job market. Unending discussions around job and how to go about it — Everyone was busy discussing this in class to the cafeteria.
The emotions behind those discussions were very true. Passionate and pragmatic. But what has always kept me aloof from this discussion was the absence of national consciousness in these discussions. In very simple terms, let us consider that an individual who makes such important decisions in his life is driven by various factors including financial, family, future growth etc. It feels me with immense pain to say that no thought is given to national consciousness or contribution. One can argue that being part of the job market is in itself a big contribution towards countries economic progress. This is true to some extent. But my concern stems from the fact that this argument around contribution towards the nation is not consciously considered or deliberated upon in the decision-making process. This is common for most of the individuals in top institutes of our country. Exceptions do exist.
This is in no way to suggest that the best brains of this nation should become hermits or saints by giving up all the luxuries. It is best to avoid innuendos and exaggerations. The point is about having some conscious thought before taking any life decision as to how it will impact our nation. An individual from IIT(or other top institutions) may take up the best high paying job with this consciousness to some extent. The idea is to consider it an important factor along with other factors like finance, family & future.
This national consciousness needs to be instilled via various streams. Our academic institutions(at least top ones) needs to act proactively as well. Can’t leave it to destiny. We cannot expect a strong nation built on hollow, selfish and individual goals. In our hierarchy of importance, our Rashtra has to be at the top. This will be Nationalism in action.
PS: I just took the job as an example, as I said there are many such inflexion points in life.



Graduate-Btech IIT Delhi.

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