RSS- More than mere intellect

Adarsh Pandit
4 min readJul 6, 2021

‘ये कोई इमेज मेकओवर का एक्सरसाइज नहीं है, संघ क्या है 90 वर्षों से पता है लोगों को. संघ को इमेज की कभी परवाह रही नहीं है. हमको बाकी कुछ करना नहीं है, सबको जोड़ना है, अच्छा काम करना है. हमारा संकल्प सत्य है, इरादा पक्का है, पवित्र है. किसी के विरोध में नहीं किसी की प्रतिक्रिया में नहीं.’- This is how RSS chief Dr. Mohan Bhagwat started his address in the recent book launch event. Apart from Dr. Bhagwat other RSS leaders were also present. The speech of RSS chief took the Hindu intelligentsia by storm. Opinions from every quarter of the society started pouring in. While some dismissed the speech as mere gimmick with no real substance, others came down heavily on Dr. Bhagwat for leading hindu society towards delusion. The concerns of latter seems to be real and have very good intellectual backing but yet I would respectfully like to disagree with them.

Taking a cue from Guru Ji Golwalkar, where he says it’s time to shed away the fears and focus on positive dynamic Hinduism, RSS has grown rapidly with its arms spread in almost all the existent fields. Even if someone would argue contrary to this has to accept that the reach of RSS cannot be paralleled with any other social organization. Strengthening Hindu society forms the core idea of RSS. It is the principle that governs its functioning. A Hindu society that is confident, vigilant, and self-sustaining. RSS never reduced that confidence to mere arm-twisting against any community. It even did so when required and at the cost of its reputation. It has, therefore, stayed true to its character. RSS understands when to use ‘Mala’ and when to use ‘Bhala’. It has time and again proved this. When others were busy sitting in their echo chambers, RSS was fighting on the streets throughout this country. It is because of this that every other community is shown the fear of RSS. Take recent elections in Bengal where the current CM openly appealed to the minorities to not divide their votes. I won’t give any intellectual cover for this- Let the fear remain.

In the last 90 years, RSS has slowly changed the appendix of the nation. When Mohan Bhagwat goes on to appeal to Muslims it should not be compared with any other past scenario. False equivalence without the consideration of present strength will do no good. We would be doing gross miscalculations and the audacity to continue with it is harmful. RSS chiefs' statement must be seen with the contours of the changing appendix of the nation. Sangh(In fact whole Hindu society)is now the force to reckon with. Hence, Dr. Bhagwat re-establishes the principle of Sangh- confident, vigilant, and self-sustaining Hindu society. He delivers the message from the dais not because of fear or self-serving nature, but because of the confidence. It’s a very different ball game altogether. A ravaged society can’t talk of peace. Sangh has shown, over the years, what it is capable of. It has not grown because of minorities and intelligentsia but despite it.

Sangh never compromises on fighting out the missionaries or shy away when riots occur with all the phrases and speeches. That’s vigilantism-Never fall asleep and give a long rope to adversaries. It is guarding us in almost all the tribal regions. A few years back, most Dalit families in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district converted slowly to Christianity. This happened over the years. Sangh sprung into action, through ‘Shiv-Charcha’ and other such religious activities it got almost all the Dalits back in the Hindu fold. Vigilant and uncompromising. Yes, they don't advertise such things which will create an unnecessary furor.

Confidence is the hallmark of Sangh. Humble yet confident. I used to go to a Shakha since I was a kid. Slowly numbers increased and one Shakha had to be divided into two. Every Swamsevak was looking out for a ground where we can have the other shakha. A ground was chosen but a few new Swaymsevaks including myself were a bit worried. Cause of worry- Ground was adjacent to a dense Muslim colony. I remember asking about it to a local RSS senior who convinced me to come to that ground for Shakha. That subtle confidence is perennial to RSS.

Thirdly, it firmly believes in the self-sustaining nature of Hindu society. This is why it has grown over the years. Not appealing or begging to any other nation or society. It has time and again reiterated that the organization works for Hindu society without any ifs and buts. It believes in this society's authenticity and magnanimity, which is why it has grown with Hindus at its core.

In our culture, we focus a lot on the ‘Saadhna’ of a person or organization and not merely on the words. Everyone must understand, Dr. Bhagwat is no ordinary individual like us. He is the head of the most dynamic and vivid organization. Words coming out from him reflects the ‘Sangh Saadhna’ of 90 years. It is from this standpoint he says in the same speech- ‘समाज से कटुता हटाना है, लेकिन हटाने का मतलब ये नहीं की सच्चाई को छिपाना है. भारत हिंदू राष्ट्र है!’ Not willing to succumb to any pressure but offering others to join as well. This is confidence, not any secular jargon. If others join- well and good, if not we will rise in strength despite it. Doors are kept shut by the society which is fearful not by the society which is confident, vigilant, and self-sustaining.